Value Your Trade

What is the Trade-In Value of My Car?

When you’re shopping for a new car in New London or Branford, you might be wondering how to stretch your down payment. The answer might be sitting in your garage if you have a car, truck, or SUV you’ll no longer be driving. When you know what the trade-in value of your car is, you can set a fair price for it if you choose to sell it yourself or get an idea of how much a dealership like Westbrook Honda will give you for it. With our value your trade tool, it’s easy to get the trade-in value of your car from home. Get your car’s trade-in value now!

How to Learn the Trade-in Value of a Car

It’s easy to use the value your trade tool from home in Middletown. You’ll get an amount in minutes, which you can use in our payment calculator to start budgeting for your next vehicle. After you ask what the trade-in value of your car is and enter a few pieces of information, you’ll be given an estimate of your car’s value. You can use this as your selling price, or you can save yourself the time and hassle of selling your car on your own by trading it to Westbrook Honda. Here’s how:

  1. Once you know your car’s trade-in value, shop our inventory to find your next vehicle.
  2. If the vehicle you want to buy costs more than your trade estimate, you can apply for financing with us to make up the difference.
  3. If you still have a loan balance on your old vehicle, talk to the professionals in our finance department about how to best move forward.
  4. Contact us to make an appointment to come in with your trade. We’ll inspect your car and make you an offer based on your car trade-in value estimate, your car’s condition, and demand for your make and model.

Get Your Car Trade-In Value with Westbrook Honda

When it’s time for a new vehicle, make your money go further when you value your trade with Westbrook Honda! If you’d like to learn more about automotive financing and how to make your money go as far as possible, pay a visit to our car-buying tips for more helpful information.