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What is a Hybrid Car?

2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid Touring in Modern Steel Metallic

Hybrid vehicles are no stranger to the New London roads, so just what is a hybrid car and why are they so popular around Branford? The hybrid car definition says that a hybrid is a vehicle with both an electric motor and a gas-powered engine. This means you get the best of both worlds: power, reliability, and efficiency. So whether you’re considering the Honda CR-V Hybrid or the Honda Insight, let us shed some light on what is a hybrid car – and why they could be the perfect choice for you.

Hybrid Car Meaning: Parallel vs. Series vs Plug-In

As we mentioned, the hybrid car definition simply states that the vehicle uses both electricity and gas as fuel. However, there are several different designs on the market today that bring out different benefits of the hybrid experience. Here are the powertrains you’ll want to know:

Parallel Hybrid

The most common type of hybrid vehicle today is the parallel hybrid. The parallel hybrid uses an electric motor and gasoline engine connected directly to the transmission. The car uses both gasoline and electrical power at the same time, which propels the vehicle forward.

Series Hybrid

The series hybrid also uses both electric and gas power, but the electric motor is paired with the transmission. This means that the motor is the sole power source of the vehicle, and the gas-powered engine merely acts as its generator. 

Plug-In Hybrid

A plug-in hybrid starts out similarly to the parallel hybrid. Both the electric motor and gas engine pair with the motor. However, the plug-in hybrid has a much bigger battery than most parallel models. This means you can drive solely on the electric range if you’d like, and then you can even recharge your battery pack at home. If you ever run out of battery power, your gas engine simply takes over.

Find Your Next Hybrid at Westbrook Honda

We’ve gone through the hybrid car meaning, but which model is right for you? Contact us at Westbrook Honda for more information about our hybrid inventory, or stop by Westbrook to browse our showroom in person. You can even purchase online with our Choose Build and Drive feature!


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