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How Often to Change Your Spark Plugs

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Keeping your Honda car, truck, or SUV running at peak performance levels includes knowing how often to change your spark plugs. It is generally recommended that you change your spark plugs every 30,000 miles, but you should consult your owner’s manual to get the recommendation for your specific Honda model. The service team at Westbrook Honda has prepared the following guide to answer the question “When do I change my spark plugs?” If you find that you’re due for a new set of spark plugs, schedule an appointment with us today!

When Do I Change Spark Plugs?

The spark plugs in your Honda work by moving the high-voltage current from the ignition coil to ignite the combustion chamber as soon as you start the engine. While your Accord, CR-V, or Civic maintenance schedule will show when your spark plugs should be replaced, there are some warning signs to watch out for that indicate your spark plugs are not functioning properly:

  • Engine is slow to start or doesn’t start at all
  • Engine often misfires
  • Engine is noticeably running rough when driving your vehicle
  • Idling is rough
  • Acceleration is poor or slow
  • Fuel economy is decreased

If you notice any of the warning signs listed above, you should bring your vehicle to the Westbrook Honda Service Center near New London as soon as possible.

Benefits of Changing Your Spark Plugs

Knowing how often to change spark plugs will ensure that your Honda runs smoothly on the Middletown roads. The performance of your vehicle can deteriorate rapidly if your spark plugs are misfiring, and that could lead to costly repairs down the road. Some of the benefits of regularly changing your spark plugs include:

  • Better Fuel Economy: Worn out spark plugs have been shown to decrease fuel economy by as much as 30%. Replacing your spark plugs regularly will keep your Honda performing efficiently, which will help you save at the pump.
  • Regulated Combustion System: When your spark plugs are working properly, they help regulate consistent combustion, which allows the vehicle to operate at peak performance levels.
  • Smooth Vehicle Start: Ensuring that your spark plugs are functioning properly will help your vehicle to start right up as soon as you turn the key or hit the “Start” button.
  • Less Harmful Emissions: Regularly replacing your spark plugs helps to reduce emissions, which is better for the environment.

You Can Count on the Service Professionals at Westbrook Honda

Having an idea on how often to change spark plugs is an important part of your Honda maintenance. At Westbrook Honda, our certified technicians have the skill and expertise to handle all of your service and repair needs, and they only use genuine Honda OEM parts when they work on your car. Our prices are very competitive, and with our service specials and coupons, you can save even more. If you have any questions, please contact our Service Center.

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