Can I Get Car Repair Financing?

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Regular car financing helps spread the cost of buying a vehicle over a number of years, but what about if you need money a few years down the line to pay for repairs? While most repairs are affordable, they can sometimes cost more than expected. That’s why car repair financing exists. It helps you get the assistance required without having to worry about the large outlay, which means you’ll never have to keep covering the roads of New London in a vehicle that needs attention.

We’re here to answer all your car repair financing questions.

What is Car Repair Financing?

Car repair financing is usually referred to as an auto repair loan. If you’re no longer covered by a new car warranty, extended or used car warranty, or collision insurance, expenses from accidents or malfunctioning parts can be surprisingly costly in a way your regular budgeting can’t cover.

Auto repair loans alleviate that stress by working just like a standard personal loan. A credit check will be performed, and the loan will be either secured or unsecured – if it’s secured, the vehicle itself will usually function as collateral.

Should You Use Car Repair Financing?

There are a few things Branford area drivers should consider before seeking out car repair financing.

Work out:

  • How much your car is currently worth.
  • How much a new or used vehicle would cost.
  • How much repairs will cost.

If repair costs are similar to or higher than the cost of getting a new vehicle, you might want to do that instead of taking out an auto repair loan.

Is Car Repair Financing with Bad Credit Available?

Taking out regular car financing can be tricky when your credit score isn’t quite where it should be. Unfortunately, the same is often true when you seek car repair financing with bad credit. Even if a loan is available, you may be expected to pay a higher interest rate.

Westbrook Honda Finance Experts Can Provide all the Advice You Need

Whether you want to find out more about car repair financing or schedule servicing to return your vehicle to good running condition, our team in Westbrook is here to help. For any further assistance, simply contact us today.

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