Used vs. Certified Pre-Owned Models

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As you’re browsing the lots around New London, you may be wondering about the difference between certified pre-owned or used models. You’ll find that while there are important distinctions between the two, the best option is the one that makes sense for your driving and financing needs. Read on to compare used vs. certified pre-owned (CPO) models with Westbrook Honda, then contact our finance team to discuss your car buying options.

Used vs. CPO: What You Should Know About Used Cars

As the name suggests, used cars are models that have been previously owned, and they can vary widely in make, model, year, mileage, and more. When you’re looking for an upgrade to your Branford drives, used cars are the more affordable option than new and CPO vehicles. Westbrook Honda even has a selection of under-$10k used modelsto give you more than enough budget-friendly options.

When comparing certified pre-owned or used vehicles, you’ll notice mileage is where the used car classification can also vary. While you may encounter used cars with over 100,00 miles, that doesn’t mean they should be avoided as many well-maintained vehicles can last for hundreds of thousands of miles. Keep these tips in mind when browsing used cars:

  • You’ll have quality service shopping at Westbrook Honda. OEMs don’t require that standard used cars need to be inspected before sale, we offer our customers the highest value based on our hand-picked models that help with navigating the buying process with ease. Shopping with a private seller won’t bring the reputation found with an established dealer.
  • Take the time to inspect the vehicle and discuss any issues you find. You may decide to purchase the vehicle with minor repairs, but that cost should also be factored into your shopping budget.
  • Be sure to stay on top of routine maintenance when you take home a new-to-you car. With proper care, many vehicles can last around 200,000 miles.

Used vs. CPO: What You Should Know About CPO Cars

Certified pre-owned or used vehicles have had previous owners, however, CPO models are a bit different than the standard used models you see on the lot. These models are usually like-new models that have been thoroughly inspected by a certified technician and backed by manufacturer warranties. With a selection of models that meet the OEM’s CPO program standards, you get added peace of mind on your trips around Middletown. Shopping certified pre-owned Honda models mean they meet these requirements:

  • Model year is within five years of the current model year
  • Generally less than 80,000 miles, sometimes up to 100,000 miles
  • A multi-point inspection
  • Offered with extended warranties and/or limited powertrain warranties

Shopping used vs. CPO, you’ll find that CPO models tend to come at higher prices than used cars. However, they’re still more affordable than newer models and feature recent models with low mileage and the latest technology. Learn more about the HondaTrue Certified and Certified+ benefits.

Explore Your Car Buying Options with Westbrook Honda!

Continue comparing used vs. certified pre-owned models at Westbrook Honda. Contact us if you have any questions and search for the right vehicle for your Middletown driving experience with our handy vehicle finder service.


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