How to Get a Car Loan with Bad Credit

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When you decide to finance a car, one of the first things that lenders look at when considering your application is your credit score. If your credit score needs improving, you might be afraid that you won’t be able to finance your vehicle. A lot of drivers come to us with the same concerns, wondering if they can still get behind the wheel of their dream car with a poor credit score. The short answer is that you can! It’s perfectly possible to secure a car loan if your credit score isn’t where you want it to be, but there are some additional hurdles that you’ll face. The finance team at Westbrook Honda has everything you need to know about how to get a car with bad credit in the guide below. The first thing you’ll want to do is head to our website and get pre-approved so we can start working on a realistic payment plan that suits your financial situation.

Securing a Car Loan with a Poor Credit Score

Taking out a car loan is a big commitment regardless of your financial situation, but there are some specific things you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re wondering how to get a car with bad credit:

  • Determine your budget. Calculate how much you can afford to borrow, but also factor in expenses like registration fees, gas, regular maintenance, and insurance.
  • Make a bigger down payment. If you want creditors to see you more favorably as a borrower–and if your financial situation allows for it–consider making a larger down payment so you’ll have a smaller loan balance to pay off.
  • Clean up your credit report. Carefully go over your credit report before you apply for a loan, keeping a close watch for errors or outstanding debt. Every little bit counts when it comes to your credit score, so be sure to dispute any issues you find and pay off whatever outstanding debts you’re able to.
  • Be realistic. You may not be able to secure the car of your dreams right now, and that’s okay–most people aren’t able to right off the bat. Instead, focus on financing a car that fits within your budget and will handle well on the New London roads in the years to come.
  • Consider your option. Don’t be afraid to shop around at different lenders and compare their rates to get the best deal possible.

Improving Your Credit Score

A lot of drivers don’t realize that financing a car is actually a way to improve a poor credit score! If you’re able to consistently make your payments on time every month, it will boost your credit score and credit profile. This in turn will give you more lending power in the future, giving you the ability to secure lower interest loans and credit cards.

Finance Your Next Ride at Westbrook Honda Today!

If you have any questions about how to get a car loan with bad credit in the Branford or Middletown area, feel free to contact our office! You can also stop by our dealership to talk to a member of our team in person. If you’re looking for more ways to save on your next ride, consider trading in your current vehicle or taking advantage of our new vehicle specials.

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