Battle Of The Crossover SUVs: The Honda HR-V VS the Toyota C-HR

Like many drivers searching for a new vehicle you most likely have a few options in mind and need to do a little research to decide which vehicle its best for you. Luckily we have done the work for you and compared the Honda HR-V to the Toyota C-HR in all the ways that matter most!

Subcompact SUV sounds like a contradiction because most often SUVs are pretty big and subcompact SUVs are perfect for drivers who need a little extra space than a sedan. So when it comes to interior space the Honda HR-V has more to offer than the Toyota C-HR. The Honda HR-V has a maximum cargo capacity of 58.8 cubic feet while the Toyota C-HR only has 36.4 cubic feet. Not only does the Honda HR-V have more cargo space but offers your passengers a more comfortable ride with more head and legroom.

The best way to experience the amazing Honda HR-V is to make your way down to Westbrook Honda today and get behind the wheel for a test drive. Also be sure to read out full comparison of the Honda HR-V to the Toyota C-HR.


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