Find Out How the Honda Pilot Overtakes the Subaru Outback at Westbrook Honda

Finding the perfect vehicle for your family adventures is easy when you shop our selection of Honda Pilot models here at Westbrook Honda. The Pilot is well-equipped for all sorts of adventures, touting a powerful V6 engine, plenty of updated technology features, and ample luxurious seating for the whole family. But how does the Honda Pilot fare when rivals like the Subaru Outback come scratching at the door? We compared the two to find out and found the Outback wanting.

Interior Space and Versatility

When it comes to the sheer amount of interior space, the Outback can't catch the Pilot. The Pilot is taller, longer, and wider, boasting more space overall. This SUV actually has room for a third row, allowing space for up to eight passengers against the Outback's meager five seats.

Need more cargo room? The Pilot has the Outback beat there, too. The Pilot offers more max cargo space than the Outback, allowing you to take more of what you need with you on your various outings.


Even when the Outback tries its hardest with its most powerful available engine, it can't quite keep up with the Pilot's standard 3.5L V6 engine. This power plant puts out up to 280 horsepower, easily outpacing the Outback. With the right equipment, the Pilot can tow up to 5,000 pounds, making it the perfect choice if you need a vehicle with extra strength.

See How the Honda Pilot Compares

Explore the Honda Pilot further and put it to the test yourself when you visit our Honda dealership for an exhilarating test drive. We'll help you pick out the perfect Pilot model for your needs and show you how it leaves its other rivals in the dust!

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