Looking at the Honda CR-V and the Nissan Rogue Sport

With tough competition in the Compact SUV market, we want you to know that information is out there about which models offer more than others. At Westbrook Honda, we want to help you make the tough decision between top models. You might be comparing the Honda CR-V and the Nissan Rogue Sport and thinking they must be more similar than different because they are both top models of their segment, but you would be mistaken. The Honda CR-V offers a lot that the Nissan Rogue Sport does not, but there are a handful of similarities.

The similarities that you will find between these two models are the same similarities you will find with just about every vehicle of the segment: front-wheel drive with all-wheel drive as an option. It has become a standard on Compact SUVs to allow you to choose which drivetrain is best for your life.

The differences start to pile up when you look at them as a whole, so we will simply look at a factor that drivers have been drawn to since vehicles were created: performance.

The Honda CR-V offers more options in engine than the Nissan Rogue Sport, not hard to do seeing that the Nissan Rogue Sport only offers one engine that isn't too powerful. The Honda CR-V offers more power with their base engine, and an upgrade available to a turbocharged engine.

It is easy to see that the Honda CR-V offers more than the Nissan Rogue Sport does, but we truly want you to experience what is like to be behind the wheel of the Honda CR-V. Reading about the benefits is one thing, but feeling them is a whole new experience. Visit our dealership so that you can see even more advantages of the CR-V by scheduling a test drive.

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