Head To Head: The Honda Civic VS The Nissan Sentra

When it comes to making a decision about which item to buy you take to the internet to read reviews to help your decision. Same goes for shopping for a new car. Many drivers research multiple vehicles to find which one has the features they are looking for. To help our customers easily get the information they want and need we have compared the Nissan Sentra to the Honda Civic.

What is the most important feature of a car? Engine. Without one you wouldn't get very far and everyone wants a vehicle that is fun to drive. The Honda Civic has two powertrain options that deliver a spirited drive experience and are more powerful than the Sentra's powertrain options. The Honda Civic is also more fuel efficient than the Sentra. Another area the Honda Civic outshines the Nissan Sentra is with advanced safety features. Many of the Sentra's advanced safety features like blind spot warning aren't available on every trim level. The Honda Civic, however, features more advanced safety features on every trim level.

To read our full comparison of the how the Nissan Sentra compares to the Honda Civic click here. Or to fully experience how amazing the Honda Civic is to make your way down to Westbrook Honda and go for a test drive today.

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